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Welcome to G10: Glasgow’s fastest growing Event sales, Marketing and Advertising Company.Established in 2006 by CEO George Kennedy, a former Wiseman's dairy worker from the age of 16-25 where there was zero opportunity for progression, hit a glass ceiling and decided to get out of the rat race. Working for national minimum wage did not appeal to George. He always knew that he was an average person but also possessed the above average desire to succeed. As a result of this, he entered a Business Development Programme. As George didn't excel academically, he was much more of a hands on person. This meant that when it came to working, he learned much more by taking a proactive approach. Within 12 months of this Business Development Programme, George had gained more skills than 4 years at college, university, or any other work place could have offered. G10 are proud to announce we are now ILA registered. Meaning working for us now means you get a recognised qualification for Introduction to sales & customer service as well as full training. G10 has grown over the years to having 4 locations in the UK, 3 in South Africa and the latest opening of Guadalajara in Mexico making us an international sales, marketing and promotions company. We are looking for individuals who have the winning and competitive attitudes to join our award-winning team.